Workshop of Advanced Analysis and Processing of Volume EM Data

Dear Czech-BioImaging users,

if you are interested in advanced EM image processing techniques involving AI tools, you are invited to the practical course WORKSHOP OF ADVANCED ANALYSIS AND PROCESSING OF VOLUME EM DATA.

This 3-day course takes place on 15-17 May 2024, at the Laboratory of Electron Microscopy, Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences, České Budějovice, and focuses on stitching, alignment, advanced filtering and segmentation including AI powered approaches in electron microscopy.

Registration deadline: April 22, 2024. 

Contact persons: Jiří Týč, František Kitzberger


Here’s what you can expect:

This hands-on workshop is focused on advances in the data processing, segmentation and
analysis obtained from the volume electron microscopy imaging techniques. Its main goal is to

make the participants familiar with the new tools available for the data analysis mainly the AI-
tools to make the image analysis and segmentation as effective and fast as possible.

The program is dedicated to people who already have some experience with basic data
processing. We will focus on work with “advanced” tools of Microscopy Image Browser and
AMIRA (Thermo Fisher Sci.), such as AI powered segmenting tool - Segment Anything Model
from META (MIB), AI Assisted Tool for CryoEM (AMIRA), deep learning (MIB and AMIRA),
volume/surface rendering (MIB and AMIRA), etc.
Participants are required to bring their own laptop and have a google account active. Both
MIB and AMIRA will be run on remote desktops.



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