Czech-BioImaging is a national research infrastructure for biological and medical imaging. It is a distributed infrastructure of leading imaging facilities in the Czech Republic. The infrastructure provides an open access to a wide range of imaging technologies and expertise to all scientists in the Czech Republic and from abroad by a unified and coordinated logistics approach.

The aim of Czech-BioImaging is:

  • to enable a permanent access to cutting edge imaging technologies and expertise in imaging to scientists, which do not have available at their own institutions,
  • to increase awareness and knowledge of biological and medical imaging,
  • to support mutual cooperation of scientists and sharing of best practices and knowledge.

Czech-BioImaging is a consortium of 10 institutions. These institutions provide an open access to their instrumentation and expertise in biological and medical imaging. All scientists are welcome to apply for the Czech-BioImaging open access.

Czech-BioImaging is included in the Roadmap of Large Research Infrastructures of the Czech Republic for the years 2023—2026.

Czech-BioImaging is supported from the program for large research infrastructures of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports within the project “National Infrastructure for Biological and Medical Imaging" (Czech-BioImaging – LM2023050).


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