Governance & Management

The governance structure of the Czech-BioImaging composes of three main bodies:

SUPERVISORY BOARD is the highest decision-making body, which consists of the statutory representatives or their nominated representatives from each partner institution. The statutory representative of the IMG acts as a legal representative of the CzBI RI.

List of members

Biology Centre CAS

Julius Lukeš (chairman)


Brno University of Technology

Jan Nedvěd (vice-chair)

financial officer

Charles University

Milena Králíčková


Institute of Experimental Botany CAS

Jan Martinec


Institute of Molecular Genetics CAS

Petr Dráber


Institute of Physiology CAS

Jan Kopecký


Institute of Scientific Instruments CAS

Ilona Müllerová


Masaryk University

Karel Říha

deputy director

Palacky University Olomouc

Marián Hajdúch

IMTM director

STEERING COMMITTEE consists of leaders of imaging facilities of partner institutions and is presided by the director of RI. As a control authority of RI, it is held accountable to the Supervisory Board. The Steering Committee monitors the overall state of development of CzBI and suggests its future direction.

List of members

Biology Centre CAS

Marie Vancová

Brno University of Technology

Daniel Zicha

Charles University

Aleš Benda

Luděk Šefc

Institute of Experimental Botany CAS

Kateřina Malínská

Institute of Molecular Genetics CAS (2 facilities)

Pavel Hozák – Chair

Vlada Filimonenko

Ondrej Horváth

Institute of Physiology CAS

Daniel Hadraba

Institute of Scientific Instruments CAS

Zenon Starčuk

Masaryk University (3 facilities)

Michal Kozubek - vice-chair (biology)

Michal Mikl - vice-chair (medicine)

Milan Ešner

Palacky University Olomouc

Martin Mistrík

ADVISORY BOARD is composed of 10-13 high-level scientific experts from academia and industrial sectors, elected by the Steering Committee. It provides feedback to the Supervisory Board regarding the direction of CzBI RI and makes proposals to improve its functioning. The Advisory Board also periodically evaluates the scientific program of the CzBI, the quality and relevance of planned technologies, as well as facilities, and that of achieved results.

List of members

Paolo Bianchini

Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Nanoscopy & NIC@IIT, Italy

Marek Cebecauer

J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Kareem Elsayad

Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities GmbH, Advanced Microscopy, Austria

Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez Head of Centre for Cellular Imaging, University Gothenburg, Sweden

Petr Hluštík

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacký University, University Hospital Olomouc, Czech Republic

Jan Hrušák

J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Dušan Chorvát

International Laser Centre, Laboratory of laser microscopy and spectroscopy, Slovakia

Daniel Jirák Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Czech Republic

Vratislav Košťál

Market Segment Life Sciences, Tescan Orsay Holding, Czech Republic

Claus Lamm

Department of Basic Psychological Research and Research Methods, University of Vienna, Austria

Julia Mannheim Werner Siemens Imaging Center, Tübingen, Germany

Jan Peychl (vice-chair)

Light Microscopy Facility, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Germany

Christian Schöfer (chairman)

Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Timo Zimmerman EMBL Imaging Centre, Cell Biology and Biophysics unit, Heidelberg, Germany

Czech-BioImaging RI hub

The administrative level of the infrastructure management is primarily represented by the Czech-BioImaging RI hub established at the host institution (IMG). The hub team, in close cooperation with the Director and Vice-Chairs of Steering Committee, provides management and logistic support, coordinates educational activities and ensures that individual facilities work in synergy and function together as one big unit under the umbrella of LRI’s Business plan.


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