The management structure of the Czech-BioImaging composes of three main bodies:


Pavel Hozák - Director of the Research Infrastructure

SUPERVISORY BOARD – the ultimate decision-making body of the consortium. The board consists of one representative from top-level management of each partner institution.

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STEERING COMMITTEE - the supervisory body for the execution and operation of the infrastructure. It reports to the supervisory board. The Committee ensures regular flow of information about overall status of infrastructure development, future planning, and administration of the consortium. The committee consists of facility heads (Czech-BioImaging nodes) from each partner institution.

List of members

ADVISORY BOARD - it advises on the operation and development of the infrastructure, on the broad scientific matters, reviews the research programs and plans, and suggests improvements.  It consists of researchers representing the key research areas the Czech-BioImaging aims to serve and key external users, industry, human resources expert, Euro-BioImaging partners. 

List of members

Management - administration of RI

Join the Czech-BI research infrastructure

Requirements for facilities - candidates who would like to join the Czech-BI research infrastructure

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