Czech‐BioImaging Scientific Conference

November 5 - 6, 2020


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based on the previously sent information, the new term of Czech-BioImaging conference was announced. We are still preparing the online form on date: 
5 - 6, November, 2020.

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All of participants are required to register. DEADLINE for register of individuals is 4th September 2020, 24:00


The conference is free of charge. Only accomodation is to be paid.


DEADLINE for abstract submissions (posters, oral presentation) is 9th September 2020, 24:00


Accommodation capacity is limited. After filling the hotels, participants will ensure the accommodation themselves.


An invoice with the accommodation fee will be sent to your e-mail address within a few days after the registration. Please follow the instructions in the invoice. Participants with oral presentation are invited and they don' t pay accomodation fees.

Please, never forget to state the unique variable symbol, which is written in the invoice, during your payment.


Fees for accommodation cannot be refunded after 4th September 2020.

If the event will be canceled by the organizer due to government regulations in connection with the situation of COVID-19, the fees will be fully refunded.

To cancel an individual's registration due to a quarantine ordered by a hygienic station or a general practitioner, contact the organizers by e-mail

DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION? Please contact us at:

The Czech-BioImaging conference follows the ČSMS conference 6 to 7 October 2020.



Wednesday 7th October

1600 - 1615  | Conference opening

1615 - 1745  |  Slot I.

1615 - 1630 | Markéta Šámalová, MU CEITEC CELLIM

"Exploring the role of EXPANSINs in the control of cell wall properties in Arabidopsis: microscopic " approach

1630 - 1645 | Petra Pejšková, MU CEITEC CELLIM

Expansion microscopy of centrosome and primary cilia

1645 - 1700 | Pavel Filip, MU CEITEC MAFIL

MRI relaxometry in multiple sclerosis

1700 - 1715 | David Kala, IPHYS CAS

Blood-brain barrier through the optics of two photon microscope

1715 - 1730 | Fitore Kusari, EM IMG CAS

Dissecting sperm function by examining its (ultra)structure

1730 - 1745 | Zdeno Gardian, BC CAS

The hardness of start up of cryo single particle analysis

18:30  |  Conference Dinner

Thursday 8th October

Conference start at 0900

0900 - 1030  |  Slot II.

0900 - 0915 | Jiří Týč, BC CAS

Practical aspects of serial block-face scanning electron microscopy of selected biological objects

0915 - 0930 | Michaela Frolíková, LM IMG CAS

STED imaging of Juno and CD9 colocalization within the mouse egg membrane protein network

0930 - 0945 | Tomáš Groušl, LM IMG CAS

Quantitative phase imaging of spreading fibroblast identifies the role of Focal adhesion kinase in stabilization of cell rear

0945 - 1000 | Zdeněk Lánský, IMCF BIOCEV 

Reconstituting cytoskeleton, one molecule at a time

1000 - 1015 | Daniel Rössel, IMCF BIOCEV

Analysis of Src structure and dynamics of its activity in live cells using FRET biosensor

1015 - 1030 | Peter Keša, 1 MF UK CAPI 

In Vivo High Frequency Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging of Small Laboratory Animals

1030 - 1100  |  Coffee break

1100 - 1230 | Poster session

1230 - 1330 | Lunch

1330 - 1500 | Slot III.

1330 - 1345 | Tereza Kopřivová, CBIA FI MU

Differentiation of brain tumours by magnetic resonance imaging: Importance

1345 - 1400 | Marek Dostál, CBIA FI MU

Differentiation of brain tumours by magnetic resonance imaging: Methods

1400 - 1415 | Adriana Jelínková, IF IEB CAS

AiryScan detector - closer and deeper into the fixed root meristems

1415 - 1430 | Kasper Van Gelderen, IF IEB CAS

In vivo time-lapse imaging of shoot-root transport of the HY5 transcription factor with a vertically oriented confocal microscope

1430 - 1445 | Martin Mistrík, IMTM UPOL

A new photomanipulation microscopic method for induction of protein aggregation at the subcellular level

1445 - 1500 | Zdeněk Stárek / Martin Pešl / Eva Odehnalová, ISI CAS

Visualization and evaluation of ablation lesions with the help of MRI in the explanted heart in an animal experiment

1500 - 1515 | Jan Pankrác, 1. MF UK CAPI

Tissue clearing methods for overcoming limitations of whole-body optical imaging

1515 - 1530 | Miroslav Ďuriš, BUT EBF

hiQPI in turbid media

1545  |  Conference closing

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