Photogenic Science Competition 2023 launched

The project Photogenic Science was initiated by the collective Fórum Věda žije! with an aim to organise yearly photographic contest for employees of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

In addition to the traditional major and minor categories of Photogenic Sciences, a new category has been announced this year - Drawing/Illustration, where author's drawings and illustrations on a free scientific topic can be submitted.

To the main category Photogenic Science you can submit any photos related to scientific topics. To the practical and non-practical science subcategory, it is possible to send pictures focused on the documentation of one's own scientific approach in solving practical questions in everyday life or those that point to an original scientific solution, whether it is witty or serious.

Specifications of the individual categories and the awarded prizes are detailed here:

The output of the project is a representative calendar with selected photographs and an exhibition Photogenic science, which will be presented not only in Prague but also at other places in Czech Republic and abroad.

The contest helps to present the Czech Academy of Sciences as a whole and besides the popularization with respect to general audience it should also emphasize identification of the employees with the brand of Czech Academy of Sciences.

Submission deadline: 16/6/2023, 23:59

Enter the competition here:


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