COST: Cells 2021 Academic Conference Grants (2,000 CHF)

Under the global epidemic, academic exchange has been greatly restricted, and many academic conferences have been forced to cancel or transform into online platforms. Therefore, to maximize the promotion of academic exchange and give the academic community as much support as possible, /Cells/ has specially set up a grant to encourage or commend innovation in global academic exchange. As an EBM, we encourage you to apply for this award or help us reach out to other respected colleagues, fellow scientists, and academic communities.

Cells 2021 Academic Conference Grants (2,000 CHF)

1. Social Media platforms
You are welcome to share the message in your LinkedIn, Twitter, or other social networks. If possible, we encourage you to post this exciting news on your institutional homepage or personal website as well.
2. Research Gate
We encourage you to post the news on your Research Gate. This may attract potential applicants.
3. Please feel free to add this piece of news in your signature.
4. Mailing List
Sending emails to groups of researchers would be the most effective way to promote the award. Please kindly let me know if you would like to help invite someone to participate this award.



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