Workshop: Logos Biosystems: From Cell Counting to Tissue

  • Date: April 19, 2018
  • Location: IMG, 2nd floor lecture room no. 2.102

Logos Biosystems in cooperation with KRD will the CELENA® S system, a comprehensive solution for capturing publication-quality fluorescence, brightfield and phase contrast images.

The workshop is organized in the framework of the Czech-BioImaging research infrastructure supported by MEYS (LM2015062).

The CELENA® S is a small and powerful digital imaging system that simplifies imaging and data analysis. Integrating advanced precision optics, a highly sensitive scientific grade CMOS camera, and a computer with user-friendly software, the CELENA® S allows researchers to capture vivid, publication quality images with ease. Interchangeable objectives and filter cubes accommodate a wide range of imaging needs. Researchers can use the CELENA® S for multiple applications, such as capturing and analyzing multicolor fluorescence images, live cell imaging, and automated cell counting.



03.12.2018 International Job Shadowing Program

Global BioImaging (GBI) offers an international job shadowing program that gives the opportunity to technical and managerial staff to visit imaging facilities across the globe and learn from their peers.

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