Course: Measurement of biological structures for engineers

October 29 – 30, 2019, Institute of Physiology CAS

The course will provide introduction to image acquisition by advanced optical microscopic techniques which are available at the Czech-BioImaging-IPhys microscopy facility, demonstrations and hands-on exercises of various types of analysis of acquired image data. The course is intended especially for under- and post-graduate students of technical universities and engineers. The course participants should have basic knowledge about image processing and analysis. The course will give them the opportunity not only to work with advanced microscopes and image data but also to get acquainted with specific practical applications in biological and medical research. For example, various techniques of confocal and two-photon microscopy and optical projection microscopy will be presented, as well as applications of image analysis and stereology for measurement of capillaries, nerves, Langerhans islets, leaves and needles. Based on the obtained results, the participants will understand their importance in addressing specific questions, raised by biologists and medical doctors in their scientific research and therapeutic approaches.

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