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Experimental Biophotonics


Brno University of Technology, Central European Institute of Technology
Purkynova 123
61200 Brno



Daniel Zicha
Phone: 00420541142778

Contact person for users

Alena Vojkůvková
Phone: 00420541142789

Experimental Biophotonics aims to support further development of advanced light microscopy perfection that is necessary for investigation of live cells behaviour.

Expertise and support provided to users

Holographic and confocal microscopy operations

Cell cultures for specimen preparation

Live cells accommodation for microscopy observation

Training for users: in the use of microscopes, performing the experimet, analysis of image data

Imaging technologies available

  • Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy (LSM / CLSM)
  • Quantitative Phase Imaging (CCHM - Coherence Controlled Holographic Microscopy)

Equipment available (technical specification)

TESCAN Q-Phase coherence controlled holographic microscope

NIKON A1R laser scanning system

Research topics directly investigated in the CF

Methods and protocols for effective usage of holographic microscopy in live cell biology investigation

Evolution of in vitro identification of living cancer cell from behavioural traits.

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Training materials (tutorials, handbooks etc.)



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