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Institute of Molecular Genetics of the ASCR, v. v. i.
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Vlada Filimonenko
Phone: +420296443153

The Electron Microscopy Core Facility provides expertise and cutting edge equipment for a broad range of biological sample preparation and ultrastructural imaging techniques. The core facility deals with various biological samples: human and animal cell cultures, plant and animal tissues, worms, microorganisms, lipid micelles. The sample preparation techniques include routine chemical fixation and resin embedding, cryofixation using high-pressure freezing technique, freeze-substitution, plunge-freezing, cryosectioning, and immunolabeling, including simultaneous detection of multiple targets by our self-developed methods.

We provide open access to our methodologies and full support to the users.

Expertise and support provided to users

The team has long-standing expertise in transmission electron microscopy of biological samples, including wide range of sample preparation methods.

User support:
Experimental setup
Sample preparation
Measurements in various modes on transmission electron microscope
Data analysis and interpretation

Imaging technologies available

  • Electron Microscopy

Equipment available (technical specification)

Transmission electron microscopes:
- 120 kV TEM JEM-1400 FLASH (since September 2019) equipped with 4K Jeol FLASH camera and software tools for image stitching and correlation of EM and LM images
- 200 kV TEM JEM-F200 "F2" (since September 2019) - equipped with 16K TVIPS TemCam-XF416 CMOS camera; technologies: TEM, STEM, cryoTEM, cryoSTEM, (cryo) (S)TEM Tomography, EDS elemental analysis and mapping
Sample preparation equipment:
- High pressure freezer HPF EM Pact 2 Leica
- High pressure freezer with light stimulation EM ICE Leica
- 2x automated freeze substitution machines EM AFS2 Leica with FSP
- Ultramicrotome Leica EM UC6
- Cryo-ultramicrotome Leica EM UC6 with cryochamber Cryosphere
- Freeze-fracture and replica making device ACE900 Leica
- Plunge-freezer Leica EM GP2 (since September 2019)
- Microwave tissue processor EM AMW Leica

Research topics directly investigated in the CF

Development of sample preparation methods for electron microscopy

External access to the equipment

We provide open access via Czech BioImaging:
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