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Center for Advanced Preclinical Imaging (CAPI), First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University


Charles University
Ovocný trh 560/5
11000 Praha - Staré Město



Luděk Šefc
Phone: +420 603706490

Multomodal preclinical imaging center equipped with following in vivo imaging modalities for small laboratory animals: CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, fluorescence, luminescence , Cherenkov radiation, MPI. All these methods can be combined on one anesthetized animal and the images can be merged. Image cytometer is available for cytometry and morphology analysis of cell populations.

Expertise and support provided to users

experimental setup

animal handling

cell culture

tumor cell inoculation

contrast injection

static and dynamic imaging

image analysis

Imaging technologies available

  • μMRI: (up to 7 T)
  • Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI)
  • μCT
  • μPET
  • μSPECT
  • μPET / CT
  • Other

Equipment available (technical specification)

Magnetic Particle Imager - MPI (Bruker BioSpin, Ettlingen, Germany)

Magnetic Resonance Imager ICON (Bruker BioSpin, Ettlingen, Germany)

CT-PET-SPECT Multimodal Imager Albira (Bruker BioSpin, Ettlingen, Germany)

Optical Imager Xtreme (Bruker BioSpin, Ettlingen, Germany)

Image cytometer AMNIS ImageStream X MkII (AMNIS, Seattle, USA)

Research topics directly investigated in the CF

multimodal imaging

cell tracking

X-ray spectral detection

image coregistration

External access to the equipment

in preparation



Training materials (tutorials, handbooks etc.)

in preparation


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