Who can apply for the Czech-BioImaging open access?

Any researcher from the Czech Republic or abroad, who submits a project proposal.

How can I apply for the Czech-BioImaging open access?

Please complete an application form with a short project description.

Can I increase visibility of my facility even when I am not a Czech-BioImaging member?

Yes, Czech-BioImaging builds a database of imaging facilities in the Czech Republic. The goal is to maintain a comprehensive updated repository of biological and biomedical imaging techniques and instrumentation available. You can easily register your facility via this form.

I am running an imaging facility, how can I join Czech-BioImaging?

Applicants must meet certain criteria. Detailed information on the process of becoming a member of the Czech-BioImaging RI is described here.

Are the services offered by the Czech-BioImaging RI charged?

Under the Open Access, payments to cover machine time and personal costs are not required. Users pay only a small amount of the real expenses, corresponding to the other costs associated with the measurement – prices vary depending on the type of service chosen. The heads of the individual Czech-BioImaging facilities will be happy to provide you with details.

Are the services offered by the Czech-BioImaging available to business partners as well?

Yes, of course. For more information see the flyer.


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