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Hafidh S, Potěšil D, Fíla J, Čapková V, Zdráhal Z, Honys D. Quantitative proteomics of the tobacco pollen tube secretome identifies novel pollen tube guidance proteins important for fertilization. Genome Biology. 2016; 17:81. doi:10.1186/s13059-016-0928-x. IF 11.91

The identification of novel genome-wide pollen tube-secreted proteins with potential functions in pollen tube guidance towards ovules for sexual reproduction. Confocal microscopy has been used to show the association of pollen tube-secreted proteins with marker proteins, shown to be secreted via exosomes in other species.

Kulich I, Vojtíková Z, Sabol P, et al. Exocyst Subunit EXO70H4 Has a Specific Role in Callose Synthase Secretion and Silica Accumulation. Plant Physiology. 2018;176(3):2040-2051. doi:10.1104/pp.17.01693. IF 5.949

The first evidence on the existence of exocyst subunit EXO70H4 plasma membrane microdomains importance for the deposition of callose in plant trichomes. Spinning disk microscopy was used for subcellular localizations assays.

Rawat, A., Brejšková, L., Hála, M., Cvrčková, F., & Žárský, V. (2017). The physcomitrella patens exocyst subunit EXO70.3d has distinct roles in growth and development, and is essential for completion of the moss life cycle. New Phytologist, 216(2), 438-454, IF 7.43

The first functional analysis of the moss exocyst subunit from Physcomitrella patens PpEXO70.3d. Confocal microscopy has been used for the subcellular localization assays.

Platre MP, Noack LC, Doumane M, Bayle V, Simon MLA, Maneta-Peyret L, Fouillen L, Stanislas T, Armengot L, Pejchar P, et al. 2018. A Combinatorial Lipid Code Shapes the Electrostatic Landscape of Plant Endomembranes. Developmental Cell 45: 465–480.e11. IF 9.62

Definition of lipids that control membrane electrostatics in plants Phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate (PI4P), phosphatidic acidic (PA), and phosphatidyl- serine (PS) were shown to be separately required to generate the electrostatic signature of the plant plasma membrnae. Confocal microscopy was used for time lapse imaging of pollen tube growth in this work.

Vukašinović, N., Oda, Y., Pejchar, P., Synek, L., Pečenková, T., Rawat, A., Sekereš, J., Potocký, M. and Žárský, V. (2017), Microtubule-dependent targeting of the exocyst complex is necessary for xylem development in Arabidopsis. New Phytol, 213: 1052–1067. doi:10.1111/nph.14267, IF 7.43

The evidence for the role of exocyst protein complex for the development of tracheary elements in Arabidopsis thaliana. Confocal and spinning disk microscopy were used for the detection exocyst, cytoskeletal proteins and cell wall constituents.

Up to 5 most important technical / methodological publications (including IF) created by the members of the CzBI team at your facility

Retzer, K; Lacek, J ; Skokan, R ; del Genio, CI ; Vosolsobe, S ; Lankova, M ; Malinska, K ; Konstantinova, N ; Zazimalova, E ; Napier, RM ; Petrasek, J*; Luschnig, C*. Evolutionary Conserved Cysteines Function as cis-Acting Regulators of Arabidopsis PIN-FORMED 2 Distribution. Int J Mol Sci. 2017 Oct 29; 18(11). pii: E2274. doi: 10.3390/ijms18112274. IF=3.987

The first implementation of SRRF algorithm in plant cells for the improvement of spatial resolution of CLSM and SD images. This approach allowed to show importance of Cys residues for the intracellualr trafficking of auxin transport PIN2 in planta.

Pratap Sahi, V., Cifrová, P., González, JG., Baby, IK., Mouillé, G., Müller, K., Baluška, F., Soukup, A., Petrášek, J., Schwarzerová, K.: Arabidopsis thaliana plants lacking Arp2/3 complex show defects in cell wall assembly and auxin distribution, Annals of Botany 3;122(5):777-789, 2018, doi: 10.1093/aob/mcx178, IF 3.65

Evidence for the role of ARP2/3 actin-nucleation complex for the auxin-regulated development, including localization cell wall synthesis and auxin transport. Confocal microscopy has been used for the localization of auxin carriers in mutant plants.

Laňková M, Humpolíčková J, Vosolsobě S, Cit Z, Lacek J, Čovan M, Čovanová M, Hof M, Petrášek J. Determination of Dynamics of Plant Plasma Membrane Proteins with Fluorescence Recovery and Raster Image Correlation Spectroscopy. Microsc Microanal. 2016 Apr;22(2):290-9. doi: 10.1017/S1431927616000568. Epub 2016 Apr 4. PubMed PMID: 27041337. IF= 2.124

Pioneering work establishing for the first time correlative approach (RICS) for the determination of mobility of plant plasma membrane proteins, including auxin carriers. Critical comparison with FRAP is presented.


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