How does Czech-BioImaging work

Czech-BioImaging is a consortium of 9 institutions. These institutions provide an open access to their instrumentation and expertise in biological and medical imaging. All scientists are welcome to apply for the Czech-BioImaging open access.

First step:

Search the node that offers technology / expertise you require in the Czech-BioImaging database.

Second step:

Submit your application for the Czech-BioImaging open access.

Third step:

After approval of your application, you will be contacted by the core facility staff to discuss your project and practical arrangements of your visit.

Fourth step:

At the node, you will receive hands-­on training, access to instrumentation, support with data acquisition and analysis, and help with the arrangements of your stay.

Fifth step:

After your project finishes, you will be asked to complete a satisfaction survey and inform us about the publication (or other outcomes) resulted from the project.


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